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The Association has evolved through a number of organizational stages due to conditions and climate of the time. It came on the scene as the Ukrainian Labor Temple Association (1918 – 1924); followed by the Ukrainian Labour – Farmer Temple Association (1925 – 1946); the Ukrainian Association to Aid the Fatherland (1941 – 1942); the Association of Ukrainian Canadians (1942 – 1946); and finally, the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (1946).


The Association of United Ukrainians (AUUC) is a progressive organization with strong and durable roots in the people and history of Canada. The Association and its community, from the turn of the century, constitute the progressive wing of the Ukrainian ethnic group in the population. They are the offspring and heir to those beginnings that grew out of the early formative years of community development and the struggle to survive.

The Association as an organization has a broad base of members and contemporary democratic goals. The Association and its predecessors have always been committed to change and progress in the interests of the people. This commitment remains and trust and a duty. The Association has a vested interest in peace on the road to that future.

Generations have found a “home away from home” in the network of halls across the land. These have been places to grow, learn and to acquire and enjoy their heritage and the new generation deserves no less. The Association has always sought to establish and maintain creative contacts and living ties with the ancestral homeland and the mother root of Ukrainian culture.



For the purpose of carrying on in more than one province in Canada, as a voluntary and charitable organization without pecuniary gain to its members, the Aims and Objectives are as follows:

  1. To encourage the maximum effort of all its members, participants, supporters and affiliates, for the purposes of assisting and enabling the most useful contribution of the Association, based on Canadians of Ukrainian origin and descent, and including all others who subscribe to its principles, to Canadian life.

  2. For such purposes to enlighten and inform its members, associates and the general public concerning the Association and its objectives and activities,

  3. For such purposes to carry on cultural, social, educational and recreational activities, and

  4. To acquire such properties, personal and real, as the Association may, from time to time, decide and determine.

  1. The Association values respect, learning, co-operation, dignity, equality, justice, diversity, democracy, social justice, peace and international solidarity.

  2. The Association opposes any form of discrimination or harassment, which violates a person’s right to be treated with dignity and respect.


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