How To: A Proper Dance Bun

A proper bun is mandatory for all girls dancing with the Dovbush School of Dance. It is vital to allow proper techniques to be preformed and for the safety of dancers. Linked are some videos demonstrating how to make a proper, tight bun. See below for tutorials

For medium to long hair

For short hair


- all hair gelled/pinned out of face

- bun pinned down with many bobby pins

- hair net put over bun

Proper Dance Strip

In order to dance, the body must be able to freely move. Clothes can be restricting or distracting for dancers, as well as accessories. Here are expectations for the dancers attending the Dovbush School Of Dance:


Girls should wear a black leotard and pink ballet tights to dance. A skirt is optional. If uncomfortable wearing these, leggings and a fitted tank top suffice.


Boys are required to wear a white t-shirt and black joggers to dance. Refrain from baggy sweat pants since it inhibits the teachers' ability to see body position.


Accessories such as watches, bracelets, rings, long earrings and long necklaces are not permitted. They serve as detractors for the children and pose susceptibility for unintentional harm to themselves or others.

Here are some recommended dance stores for shoes, tights, and leotards

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