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The 17th Annual Heart of the City Festival

From October 28th to November 8th, the 17th annual Heart of the City Festival celebrates the cultural diversity of the Downtown East side of Vancouver. This year’s theme, “This Gives Us Strength,” focuses on the many aspects of 2020 that have affected our community. Local artists and enthusiasts will demonstrate their shared love for their culture and crafts through videos, demonstrations and presentations.

This year, due to the pandemic, the Heart of the City Festival will be held mostly online with limited in-person events. The schedule for all events and info can be found at this link (HERE).Note that some online events require “registration,” but don’t fret, it's free! More information can be found on the website

November 8th is UKRAINIAN DAY! Join us to learn how we make our yummy borshch, learn a little about the history of Ukrainian immigration to Canada and how we made our memorial quilt in honour of our association! Full information about Ukrainian Day can be found here: *registration is required to participate in viewing the “Ukrainian Kitchen” event.*

Finally, we cannot forget to mention that AUUC Vancouver will be SELLING BORSHCH AND PEROGIES! From 12-3 PM on that same day (Nov 8). Frozen takeout containers are available for purchase. Masks (and empty stomachs) are mandatory! Pre-orders can now be made at:

Hope to see everyone there!

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