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      This year at the B.C. Ukrainian Cultural Festival in Mission, the AUUC had a fantastic, fun and busy day of dancing. With five different groups performing in seven dances, our Vancouver based school was impressively represented by over 30 students with high marks earned across the board.



Mission Festival


      The B.C. Ukrainian Cultural Festival (BCUCF) celebrated its 20th year this year, with groups from all over Canada in attendance. It is the largest Ukrainian Dancing Competition in B.C., and hosts a lunch and dinner, many traditional vendors through out the day and is adjudicated by veteran Ukrainian Dancers that are masters of the art.



       It’s a long day for some, with opening ceremonies commencing at 8:25AM sharp and dancers on the stage, excepting a lunch break, until 6:30PM. It’s a day full of fun, however, full of colour and vibrant Ukrainian Culture. The over all representation of Ukrainian dance is spectacular


       Dancers spend the day surrounded by other groups, observing their choreography and technique with curiosity and awe. It is always a pleasure to share a love for something with other dedicated artists and the Mission Festival is a true celebration of that. It's hard not to be inspired by the continual dedication of Ukrainian Canadians to their culture. It is as strong as it ever was here in Canada, and these dancers and festivals are proof of that.


To view the entire gallery from the day, click on the image below.


The days marks and awards are listed below.

Mission Results 2015:


Yalynka girls group – Hutsulsky Tanok – Silver, 89 – Trophy for highest mark awarded to a girls’ group 10 & under: “Ukrainian Club of Abbotsford Association Trophy”


Sopilka boys group – Moriaky (sailors) – Bronze, 78 – Trophy for highest mark awarded to a boys’ group 10 & under: “Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association (TYC), Surrey Branch Trophy”


Veselka mixed group – Zavyrukha Waltz – Silver, 86


Druzhba mixed group – Volynyanka – Gold, 93 – Trophy for highest mark awarded to a mixed group 14 & under (tied): “Fraser Valley Ukrainian Cultural Society Trophy”


Druzhba & Veselka mixed group – Hopak – Gold, 90 – tied for 2nd in Hopak category


Senior Company:


Dovbush Dancers – Mi z Ukrainy – Gold, 96 – Trophy for highest mark in Privit category: “BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Society Trophy”


Dovbush Dancers – Kolomeykiy – Gold, 97 – Trophy for highest mark awarded to an adult group: “Dr. Josef Oleskow Trophy”

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