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Rally for Ukraine
February 26th, 3pm - Jack Poole Plaza, Vancouver.

Come show your support at the next rally, organized by UCC, marking 1 year since the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini, heroyam slava!
Glory to Ukraine, glory to its heros!


Candlelit Vigil for Ukraine
February 24th, 7pm, 
Library Square, Vancouver

1 Year of War: Our Statement


   Since the onset of the Russian-Ukrainian war in 2014, Russia has continuously contributed to unrest and violence between itself and Ukraine, annexing Crimea and causing the ongoing war within the Donbas region. On February 24th, 2022, Russia unleashed a brutal and unjust invasion on the entirety of Ukraine. As we reach the 1-year mark since the start of the invasion, AUUC Vancouver restates our continued support for Ukraine and condemns Russia and Vladimir Putin for all their violent actions against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

   As of February 2023, almost 8 million Ukrainians have been forcefully displaced from their home country to flee war. Russia violates the Geneva Convention by committing violent acts against innocent Ukrainian civilians and endlessly bombing civilian infrastructure. Russia and Putin must be held accountable under international standards for the inhumane actions against Ukraine, Ukrainian culture, and the Ukrainian people.

   Show support for Ukraine by spreading awareness, attending rallies, and donating to various charities to aid those affected. The world must continue to put pressure on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine and end the war.

Slava Ukraini, heroyam slava

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