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Vitayemo and Welcome!



      The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (AUUC) in Vancouver has been an integral part of its community for generations. Celebrating its 85th anniversary this past year, it continues to provide a cultural link to its members: Vancouver Folk Orchestra; an impressive performing dance troupe, Dovbush; and Barvinok Choir, a large and active group of men and women. The AUUC School of Dance for children aged 3-15 years reflects the diversity of our city and draws people from throughout Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland, who seek out its precise and creative instruction.



"We do not worship the past for its own sake, but the past is the price of what we are today. To know the road by which our ancestors travelled is to know the road along which we arrived and upon which we will continue to move to our future."


Ukrainian Canadian Newspaper

                  With its ties to the National AUUC organization, our branch benefits from ongoing support and involvement from across Canada resulting in such things as the popular children’s camp in Alberta; national performance festivals; and conferences that bring together members for discussions and planning sessions on the history and preservation of Ukrainian culture in Canada and ensuring its bright future.



                   The Ukrainian Hall continues to host many community and artistic events, from the Heart of the City Festival to theatre productions and live music. 


The Hall is available for private rental.  Its proximity to the city centre and wealth of amenities make it ideal for any event.

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