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About Us

What is the AUUC?

The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (AUUC) is a national organization with more than a 100 year history of cultural, educational, and social justice activity in Canada.

What is the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians?

● Our Cultural Centre has been a landmark in the Downtown Eastside since 1928.
● The AUUC was founded by Ukrainian Immigrants looking for a connection with like minded people, to support them in their working and recreational lives
● Our current membership ranges from new Canadians to 4th and 5th generations of members, from Ukrainian and other ethnic backgrounds
● We celebrate, share, and preserve our beautiful Ukrainian cultural heritage through music, song, and dance as well as food, handicrafts, and art.
● Although our primary focus is on Ukrainian culture, we also provide opportunities to connect with other ethnic communities that are part of our Canadian mosaic as well as learning and performing material from other cultures
● We support progressive ideas including peace, equality of all people, fairness in the workplace, anti-bullying - policies and actions that support minorities, workers, refugees, marginalized communities, and a better society for all.
● We support social justice causes that promote equality, fairness, and acceptance of all people and cultures.
● A current focus is on raising funds in support of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.
● We have been active participants in the peace movement for decades, working towards a safe and peaceful world for all people.

For more information on the AUUC please visit our national website at

Please come and sing, play, dance, cook and learn with us!

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