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The Barvinok Choir

The Barvinok choir (Barvinok meaning Periwinkle in Ukrainian) has been an integral part of the life and work of the AUUC Vancouver organization since the establishment of the Ukrainian Labour Temple in Vancouver over 75 years ago.


As of late 2022, Olesia Shewchuk is our newest choir director! We are excited to welcome her to our choir, read more about her here!


As the Barvinok Choir reaches out to the Vancouver choral community at large, it acts as an ambassador of Ukrainian cultural traditions, particularly Ukrainian choral music, as well as continuing to preserve and celebrate these traditions within its own community, following in the footsteps established by groups like the Milestones, the Whiskey Jacks, the Lyonok Trio, the Senior’s Choir, and the AUUC Jubilee Choir within the Vancouver AUUC.






Photo: Karolina Turek

 If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Olesia Shewchuk at 

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