The Barvinok Choir

The Barvinok choir (Barvinok meaning Periwinkle in Ukrainian) has been an integral part of the life and work of the AUUC Vancouver organization since the establishment of the Ukrainian Labour Temple in Vancouver over 75 years ago.


Since 2001, Vancouver musician, Beverly Dobrinsky has conducted the Barvinok Choir, which currently has a membership of 25 singers who perform regularly in their own hall, as well as in the community at large.


As the Barvinok Choir reaches out to the Vancouver choral community at large, it acts as an ambassador of Ukrainian cultural traditions, particularly Ukrainian choral music, as well as continuing to preserve and celebrate these traditions within its own community, following in the footsteps established by groups like the Milestones, the Whiskey Jacks, the Lyonok Trio, the Senior’s Choir, and the AUUC Jubilee Choir within the Vancouver AUUC.





Meet the conductor: Beverly Dobrinsky

Children’s Choir

Spivaymo! - Let’s Sing!

We will sing songs from all over the world with a focus on the rich singing culture of Ukraine. We will explore the stories behind the songs in order to fully express the song’s meaning; and add musical accompaniment as needed. As we train the voice and the ear, we will be building a strong foundation for musical literacy.   


Children's Choir Rehearsal start on:

Saturday, October 1st between 11:30 and 12:30 For approximately ½ hour per age group.


Rehearsals continue weekly for 25 weeks in total.        


Fees are $10 per month per child and are due at the top of the month. There will be no fee charged for the first rehearsal. 

There will be no fee charged for the first rehearsal .


For more information and to register you can call Beverly Dobrinsky @ 604-873-1738

The Choir meets Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9 pm September to May and welcomes new members through out the year. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Beverly Dobrinsky at (604) 254-3436 or send an email via Contact Us.


Fees & Payments for September 2015 -- June 2016:


$15.00 per month (payable on the 1st of each month post dated cheques accepted)

$67.50 per term (payable on October 30th & February 2nd)

$135.00 per year (5% discount if paid by October 30th)

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