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Cultural Groups

Barvinok Choir

The Barvinok Choir is a vibrant Ukrainian folk choir based in Vancouver, conducted by Olesia Shewchuk. Known for its moving and lively performances, and its fun and welcoming people, Barvinok Choir is dedicated to bringing community together to celebrate, preserve and uphold Ukrainian culture through folk music.

Dovbush School of Dance

Ukrainian folk dancing classes for ages 3-16. Sign up for the new season now!

Dovbush Senior Dancers

The Dovbush Dancers are accredited with energetic and exciting performances that engage audiences across Canada. Lead by Artistic Director Debbie Karras, the Dovbush Dancers deliver the bright rich nature of Ukrainian Folk dancing with professionalism and precision.

Vancouver Folk Orchestra

The Vancouver Folk Orchestra (VFO) celebrates the traditional musical aspect to Ukrainian culture. With a variation of traditional and modern instruments, musicians are engaged with traditional pieces.

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