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The Dovbush School of Ukrainian Dance

The AUUC Dovbush School of Ukrainian Dance is dedicated to preserving and developing Ukrainian folk dance. Its long history of providing quality and creative dance instruction has drawn Ukrainian-Canadians, and those from diverse cultural backgrounds, to its programs. From preschoolers to teens, the School welcomes all dancers regardless of previous dance experience.

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Our Story

The DSUD runs a single weekly class, occurring on Saturday mornings. Dancers are trained with classical ballet technique and fortified with traditional Ukrainian folk dance technique. Students of the School can expect to perform at various events ranging from bi-annual recitals to competitions such as the BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival. Alongside their dance training, members of the School of Dance get to experience various cultural activities such as Pysanky or Kolach bread making. The Dovbush School of Ukrainian Dance aims to give children a deeper connection to their Ukrainian heritage through various means and builds a strong community through their members.


Our Dance Programs

Zaychyky Dancers

ages 3-5 ~ 45 minute class

Zaychyky dancers engage in a beginner-dance environment focused on bodily movement and rhythm-based learning. These dancers learn through song and games, and experience very beginner-level ballet training. These dancers are introduced to very basic Ukrainian dance steps and techniques featuring well-known Poltava region based steps


Bilka Dancers

ages 6-8 ~ 1.15 hour class

Bilka dancers are challenged with furthering their ballet technique with beginner level exercises at the barre and in the centre. Movement games are still played to further enhance the bodily awareness of the dancer and promote a fun class environment. These dancers start to learn more complex Ukrainian dancing steps and choreography from various different Ukrainian regions such as Hutsul or Bukovynia. Dancers can expect to start learning more tricks, spins, and jumps. Dancers at this age start attending competitions.


Zirka Dancers

ages 8-10 ~ 1.5 hour class

Zirka dancers continue to build on both their ballet and Ukrainian folk techniques at this level. More complex barre and centre works are given as well as increased technical difficulty in Ukrainian technique and choreography. Dancers focus on building strength in given tricks and turns in order to establish foundational techniques.


Yalenka Dancers

ages 10-14 ~ 2 hour class

Dancers are now well versed in both ballet and Ukrainian dance knowledge and are pushed to develop well rounded performance techniques. Yalenka dancers are developed with an extensive ballet barre and center work and enhanced Ukrainian technique.  Dancers often perform at various events that take place outside of regular recitals and are starting to transition into the senior Ukrainian dance group, the Dovbush Dancers.


Druzhba Dancers

ages 14-16, 2 hour class

Currently this class is not running.

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